Connect a Trezor Hardware Wallet

Connecting to the Energy Web Chain (Mainnet or Volta Test Network)

Once you complete the initial setup of a Trezor wallet, you can connect to the Energy Web Chain or the Volta Test Network via MetaMask or a local node.
If you are working with a new Trezor wallet, write down your recovery phrase that appears word by word on the display of your Trezor and store it in a safe place, ideally more than one copy. Do not store it digitally. If the phrase is lost and the hardware wallet breaks or is lost, the account can not be accessed again. This means that all funds that are stored in accounts on this wallet are permanently lost.

1. Connect Trezor to your MetaMask

You first need to connect your MetaMask to the Energy Web main network, or the Volta Testnet. You can see guidance on how to do this here.
Once you are signed into MetaMask, and have connected to the main network or Volta Test Network, click on the circular dropdown and select "Connect to Hardware Wallet". Follow the steps to give MetaMask permissions to connect to Trezor, export the public key and unlock an account.

2. Connect Trezor to a Local Node using MetaMask

  1. 1.
    Run a local node of the Energy Web Chain. You can see guidance on how to run a local node here.
  2. 2.
    Connect your MetaMask to your local node. You can see guidance on how to do this here.
  3. 3.
    Follow the directions above on how to connect your Trezor hardware wallet to MetaMask.