Energy Web Token Staking

Staking will be a crucial component of this new energy grid to operate. The decentralized operators of the grid need to guarantee the availability of their service. Like the markets operate today. This decentralized Service Level Agreement will provide a decentralized curation and trust mechanism on the platform.

Energy Web Token Staking is like and accessible to Patrons at Staking Pool (

In the current first phase, staking rewards will be fixed and dependent only on the amount of EWT deposited into the staking contract. Energy Web Community Fund will pay compounding rewards every hour. This first stage is necessary to test in the real world 2 essential components of dSLA:

  • The staking mechanism itself, including the user interface, email verification and the staking smart contracts.

  • Decentralized, role-based authorization system, which allows the staking contracts to interact with staking patrons. This will later enable clients to identify the service providers and grid-connected devices. This implementation of decentralized identifiers (DID) and decentralized authorization is the only way of bringing together all the parties on the platform that doesn’t require any integration.

Read more about our Decentralied Service Level Assurance platform here:

Decentralized Service Level Assurance Lightpaper: ​How $EWT, DIDs, and dSLA power the clean energy transition​

How $EWT, DIDs, and dSLA power the clean energy transition

This guide is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice or a solicitation for investment.. By staking your EWT you are accepting potential risks

Please, bear with us if you experience bugs on while going through the staking process. Just let us know about your issues in our Discord and we will address any widespread problems.

Follow this guide. There may be other wallets/tools not included in this guide that will also work for you. If you use them successfully, please share your success stories on Discord. However, if you encounter problems and you are not following this guide exactly, we may not be able to prioritise helping you.

Staking disclaimer (Last updated December 15, 2021)

On behalf of the Energy Web Chain Community Fund, thank you for choosing to be part of testing the EWT Community Fund Staking initiative. We’ve taken the utmost measures to ensure that this pilot is safe, secure and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

EWT Staking on is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without any representation or warranty. Any data shared with is kept safe with appropriate technical and organizational security measures, and adherence to privacy regulations.

By participating in this pilot you accept all the involved risks and understand that you cannot hold Energy Web Foundation, its subsidiaries and any of Energy Web Community members and Validators liable.

Crypto volatility

All cryptocurrencies, including EWT, may experience price volatility. If you buy EWT to stake, then you are accepting this volatility risk.


Managing your own crypto comes with benefits (independence from exchanges, ability to stake!), risks (permanent loss due to losing your keys or transferring crypto to the wrong wallet), and responsibilities (backing up your keys, double-checking before transferring crypto).

Smart Contracts

You will be entrusting your EWT to a Staking smart contract that has been audited and open-sourced. An audit is a vote of confidence from subject matter experts, but it is not a guarantee that the smart contracts or any associated system are completely free of bugs. Participate at your own risk.

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