Staking Energy Web Token

Acquire EWT

Step2: Store some EWT in your wallet

Your EW Chain wallet will need to hold (a small amount) EWT to proceed from here. If you’re totally new to EWT, check out this guide on what EWT is and how it works.

If you own EWT but are new to self-custody (i.e. managing your own crypto wallet), seek out beginner guides from reputable sources on secure key management (there are many written on securing Ether that also apply to EWT).

Pro Tip: When withdrawing EWT from an exchange to your personal wallet, first start with a small test withdrawal and verify everything works as expected before withdrawing more.

You can now proceed with the staking authorization process.

Verify your email

Step3: Verify your email

3.1 Connect the staking interface with your Metamask wallet

Now that you have an EW Chain wallet loaded with EWT, you are ready to complete the staking authorization process, which includes verifying your email address and adding a role to your EW Chain wallet. Navigate to and click “Use MetaMask”

Hardware wallets do not support the current release of the staking interface. Using hardware- or any other experimental wallets is at your own risk and not recommended.

3.2 Authorise the staking smart contract

You will be asked to sign a message with your wallet. This enables the Identity Access Management (IAM) Cache Server to check your EW Chain wallet’s authorization to stake.

3.3 Provide your email address

On the right side of the staking page, you will see instructions to verify your email in an orange box. Enter your email and click “Submit” to initiate another signature.

If you accidentally entered the wrong email address, click “Cancel” and try again. If you encounter an error, you may have entered an email from a rejected domain or one that is already in use.

3.4 Verify your email address

Click the verification link in your inbox - this will take you to a “Congrats'' landing page, and in the background approve your request for the role of “email.” If the landing page indicates your application is submitted successfully, click “Go back to” to return to the staking page.

You can also refresh if you kept it open in a separate tab or window. If the verification link in your email does not take you to the “Congrats” landing page, or if the landing page displays an error message, repeat Step 3 above.

Add your email role to your DID

Step 4: Add your email as a role to your DID

Return to and click “Add Role” in the orange box on the right side of the page. This will initiate a transaction that will cost a small amount of EWT for gas to complete (note: the minimum safe gas price on the EW Chain is 0.1 gwei).


Step 5: Stake EWT

Now that your EW Chain wallet has a role authorizing it to stake, you can Stake and Unstake EWT directly in the user interface at

Pro tip: Gas is cheap on EW Chain. Stake and unstake a small amount of EWT to test it out before staking more.

Pro tip 2: If you Stake 100% of your EWT, you won’t be able to pay the gas fee to unstake it. Leave a little EWT in your wallet.

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