EWC <-> Ethereum

Bridging EWT (Energy Web Chain) <-> EWTB (Ethereum)

Bridging EWT to EWTB

  1. Using the bridge user interface, a user confirms the amount of EWT to be bridged to EWTB

  2. The EWT are locked in a smart contract that is deployed on the Energy Web Chain.

  3. On the Ethereum Mainnet, an equal value (minus the cost of gas) of EWTB are minted

  4. The EWTB are released to the user's address on Ethereum Mainnet

Bridging EWTB to EWT

  1. Using the bridge user interface, a user confirms the amount of EWTB to be bridged back to EWT

  2. An amount of EWT corresponding to the number of EWTB being bridged are released to the user's wallet from the holding smart contract.

  3. The corresponding EWTB on the Ethereum Mainnet are burned

Note that the bridge transfer could take some time as the transaction must be picked up, approved and added to a block on the Ethereum Mainnet.

Walkthrough of Energy Web Bridge Interface

  1. Connect your MetaMask to the Energy Web Chain Network. For directions on how to do this, go here.

  2. Input the amount of EWT to bridge. Note that some of this amount will go toward the gas fee to execute the transaction on the Ethereum Mainnet, so account for this in your total transfer amount

  3. Click "Transfer"

  4. Approve the transfer transaction in MetaMask

  5. When the transaction goes through, you will see your EWTB balance in the same account that you initiated the bridge transaction from on the Ethereum Mainnet Network

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