DDHub Client Gateway

The DDHub Client Gateway is an integration gateway SDK that is intended to run on-premises or on the cloud environment of participants. It provides an interface for participant systems to interact with other systems in the shared interacting with a data exchange solution - namely, the DDHub Message Broker.

The Client Gateway is available in Github at https://github.com/energywebfoundation/ddhub-client-gateway or in the Azure Marketplace.

The gateway application is authenticated, authorized, and encrypted (messages) using self-sovereign identities (DIDs) and verifiable credentials rather than a centrally trusted and managed approaches seen in legacy solutions.

The client container is an integral part of the DDHub in achieving its decentralized characteristics as it assumes the power of the identity that it currently holds/represents.

  • DDHub Client GW UI: the main interface for admins to manage their DDHub Client GWs

  • DDHub Client GW API: exposes RESTful and Web Socket APIs for integration

  • DDHub Client GW Scheduler: contains scheduler jobs for caching data including but not limited to channels, topics, and decryption keys

  • DDHUB Client Gateway Storage: a postgres DB used to store configuration data.

  • Key Vault - store private keys and other secrets

  • DDhub Message Broker: The component that routes messages between Client gateways (using API to control NATS messaging).

  • SSI Toolkit: Libraries and components that implement identity and access management functionalities.

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