DDHub Message Broker


DDHub Message Broker is a component that primarily provides message routing, persisting, and delivery for a seamless data exchange between participants within an energy market or supply chain.

The message broker promotes sovereignty of participants by:

  • The broker does not have authority or logic which assumes the power of the participants

  • No one except the participant themselves can govern data exchange channels and verify messages

  • Encryption/decryption, signature validation, authorization, etc must be done under the participants domain (Client Gateway)

DDHub Message Broker Component Diagram

Below are the Message Broker components which need to be hosted to deploy a Decentralized Data Hub:

  • Message Broker App

  • NATS Jetstream and Jetstream Store to store small data messages (small messages up to 2 MB) and channel configurations

  • Azure Blob (or other large file) Store for large data messages and delimited files converted into blobs, as well as file metadata

  • RDBMS for message topic and schema management

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