Switchboard Transaction Cost Estimates

When using Switchboard, users can create and update data that is stored in smart contracts on the Energy Web Chain. These actions require users to pay a small transaction cost. Users pay transaction costs using their cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask. Transaction costs on the Energy Web Chain are in Energy Web Token. Transaction costs on the Volta Test Network on are in Volta Tokens.

Read more about transactions and transaction costs in the Energy Web Tech Stack here.

The transaction cost amount depends on what action the user is performing, and the current gas cost. Actions and their estimated associated total transaction cost are listed below. They are organized according to the three main domains of Switchboard: Enrolments, Governance and Assets.

Calculating Transaction Costs

The total costs calculated below is the sum of the cost to process the metadata and the current gas cost. The costs below are approximate values per operation. The total cost can change:

  • Based on the user input data (e.g. number of input fields)

  • Based on congestion (i.e. how many transaction requests are currently in the pool to be processed), which affects gas price

Switchboard is used to request, issue, publish and revoke role-based credentials. These credentials are persisted on the Energy Web Chain (read more about on-chain credentials here). As such, they require transaction costs to cover their on-chain lifecycle events.

ActionCost in EWT

Publish role to DID Document


ActionCost in EWT

Revoke on-chain role


Switchboard is used to create and manage organizations, applications, and roles associated with them. These elements are persisted in Energy Web's Ethereum Name Service smart contract. ٍ Each time a user creates or updates one of these entities, they must pay a small transaction cost

Read our documentation on SSI Credential Governance using ENS Domains here.


ActionCost in EWT

Create Organization


Create Sub-Organization


Create an organization-level role


Transfer organization ownership


Edit organization details


Delete organization

Not Available


ActionCost in EWT

Create application


Create an application-level role


Edit application-level role details


Edit application details


Delete application


Edit application role details


Switchboard is used to create (register), manage and transfer Assets. Each Asset is registered in a smart contract on the Energy Web Chain (read more about Assets as ownable smart contracts here.) Each time a user interacts with these contracts for Asset management, they must pay a small transaction cost:

ActionCost in EWT


Transfer ownership (offer) of Asset


Publish Asset role to DID Document


Accept/decline Asset offering


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