Energy Web Block Explorer

The block explorer interface provides the most important on-chain information about blocks, transactions, accounts and Energy Web Token (EWT). Below is an overview of what information you can view on the Block Explorer.
Note that there is a separate site for the Volta Testnet Block Explorer.

Block Explorer Overview


  • Blocks - block details for all sealed blocks
    • Block Height
    • Num transactions
    • Hash
    • Parent Hash
    • Difficulty
    • Total Difficulty
    • Gas Used
    • Gas Limit
    • Block Rewards
    • Miner (validator)
    • Transactions


  • Validated - transaction details for all validated transactions
    • Transaction address
    • Status
    • Block Number
    • Nonce
    • Transaction fee
    • Transaction Speed
    • Raw input
    • Gas
    • Internal Transactions
  • Pending - transaction details for all pending transactions
    • Transaction address
    • Nonce
    • Gas limit
    • Internal Transactions


Account details for all external and smart contract account addresses with balances and associated transactions
  • Address
  • Token balance
  • Num. transactions
  • Last balance update
  • Gas used
  • All transactions
  • Coin balance history