Block Reward Contract


The Block Reward contract manages block reward payouts to validators. Block rewards are issued as native Energy Web tokens that are minted by the engine.

Two entities are rewarded by each created block:

  1. The block author (validator)

Documentation and Source Code

Block Reward Payouts

Block Authors

Block authors are rewarded each time they seal a block. The amount issued to block authors decreases over time, as depicted by the Discreet S Curve.


Energy Web Community Fund

A portion of block rewards goes to the Community Fund. Unlike the amount awarded to block authors, the amount that goes to the Community Fund remains constant over time.

The amount is chosen to add up to roughly 37.9 million tokens over a 10 year period. The community fund can change its own address and set a payout address too.

With 5 second step size: Payout-per-block = 600900558100000000 wei

Visual representation of the community reward distribution is depicted below in Fig. 3.

Interaction with Block Reward Contract

Contract Address and ABI

Callable functions

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