Volta Test Network: Validator Node Installation

This page describes the steps to install a validator node on the Volta test network.

  1. Choose a hosting provider (on-premise or qualified cloud provider) and favored operating system.

  2. Install operating system and prepare host according to the OS Installation Guide (see previous lesson)

  3. Find the Client installation script matching the installed OS on the energyweb github: https://github.com/energywebfoundation/ewc-validator-node-install-scripts/tree/master/volta-affiliate and copy it from the volta-affiliate/openethereum or volta-affiliate/nethermind directory to the host

  4. Make sure the latest system updates are installed by running apt-get update

     && apt-get dist-upgrade

    (debian/ubuntu) or

    yum update


  5. Make the script executable with

    chmod +x ./install-*.sh
  6. Run the script (please do not use the


    parameter which can be used to take default for node-name and generate a random key)

  7. If the installation was successful, it should generate a .txt file (named install-summary.txt) that lists the node address, IP address, , influxDB username/password. You will need to provide these details via a form in the next step to successfully add your validator node to the validator system contract.

    • If you encounter issues with the installation or the install-summary.txt file is not generated:

        1. First review any open issues on Github to see if there is a known issue.

        2. If the issue is not already known, submit a question in the #validators or #technical_questions channels in the EWF Member Slack space to troubleshoot.

  8. Submit the Volta node installation details here.

    1. After submitting the installation details, you will receive another email with instructions for proceeding to the main EW Chain.

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