3. Manage your Whitelist and Blacklist

The Open Charging Network allows you to exchange OCPI messages with anybody on the network with just one single OCPI connection, regardless of the OCN Node that you or your counterpart are connected to.

There are some cases in which you want to restrict the list of parties that can communicate with you. For this, the OCN Node provides you with a white- and blacklisting module, called OCN Rules.

Note: This service is an optional feature that needs to be enabled in your own OCN Node or by your OCN Node Operator.

Example: add party to blacklist

POST to URL: https://node.ocn.org/ocpi/receiver/2.2/ocnrules/blacklist

        "country_code": "DE",
        "party_id": "ABC",
        "modules": ["cdrs", "locations"]
  • You can find a documentation of how you can use this service on the HTTP API Documentation under OcnRules module.

  • See the source code for the OCN node Rules service here.

Access the full OCN technical documentation here.

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