Maturity Model, Feature Roadmap and Releases

The development of the Open Charging Network is steered by community needs with the non-profit Energy Web Foundation curating the development.

For this purpose, transparency about the current feature set is required, which the following OCN maturity model (inspired by Gitlab) shall provide. The maturity model and the roadmap of the Open Charging Network development is discussed quarterly during the Share&Charge Foundation and Tech Call.

The maturity model is based on different categories (columns):

  • Messaging: How messages between OCN Parties are transmitted and secured

  • Service interfaces: Interfaces that can be used by OCN Parties to connect their services to the OCN

  • Connection & Community: Tools for the community to test and use the OCN

Maturity is indicated with different-sized black boxes or a heart:

A reference to the open source repositories is provided in parenthesis after the feature description.


Service interfaces

Community & Network tools

Release 1.0.0 (03.03.2020)

Release 1.1.0 (16.10.2020)

On Roadmap

Ideas / Requirements / Addons

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