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Open-source software and digital infrastructure for a decarbonized energy system

Energy Web is an independent nonprofit accelerating the global energy transition by developing open-source Web3 software solutions that help companies unlock business value from clean and distributed energy resources. This site provides an overview of the foundational concepts, technical components, and use cases of the Energy Web Decentralized Operating System (EW-DOS).

EW-DOS gives companies simple tools to deploy custom applications and business networks that combine established protocols and platforms with pioneering technologies and novel architectures.

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Energy Web's tech stack is designed to address two primary challenges in the current energy and renewables market:

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For a deep-dive into the motivation and methodology behind our technical solutions, we encourage you to read our White Papers:

A Note on this Site's Documentation

EW-DOS builds on the foundations of other open-source technologies and uses many well-known libraries and technologies in the stack, so this documentation provides references and links to other articles and sources of documentation throughout.

We encourage you to become familiar with the core concepts of blockchain technology and self-sovereign identity if you are new to this space. The Foundational Concepts section provides brief explainers for what we think is essential to understand our technology. They point you toward more in-depth resources and documentation.

We are an open-source foundation and we want our solutions to be accessible and our community to be wide. Please provide feedback or questions on the documentation by reaching out on Telegram, Twitter, or Discord.

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