Volta Token (VT)

Utility token for Volta Test Network

Volta Tokens are utility tokens specifically for The Energy Web's Volta Test Network. Volta tokens have no real value. You will need Volta Tokens in your digital wallet (we recommend using MetaMask) if you want to make transactions or use applications that are deployed on the Volta network, such as Switchboard or the Staking beta site.

Get Tokens

Access your wallet

If you don't have MetaMask wallet, you can install the browser extension here. Once you're in MetaMask, connect to the Volta Test network. For directions on how to do this, go here.

There are two ways to get Volta tokens:

Get Tokens from the Volta Faucet

Go to https://voltafaucet.energyweb.org/ and enter your wallet address to get a token. Make sure you perform the “I am not a robot” challenge before you request a token, otherwise you will get an error.

Request Tokens on Discord

Go to the volta-faucet channel on Energy Web’s discord server and paste your wallet address in the chat box.

If your wallet is already connected to the Volta network, you will see your token balance in your wallet. For instructions on how to connect your MetaMask to the Volta Test Network, go here.

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