Set up MetaMask to interact with Energy Web Chain

In this section, we'll walk through how to connect to the Energy Web blockchain, and the Volta testnet using the MetaMask browser extension.

Connect MetaMask to the Energy Web blockchain

Prerequisite: Metamask plugin is installed in the browser; this section explains how to add the Energy Web blockchain to it.

Option1: Automatic configurator

To configure Metamask to connect to the Energy Web blockchain or to Volta, the fastest way to do that is using the Energy Web MetaMask configuration toolbox or Chainlist

Option2: Manual configuration

Manually configuring MetaMask to connect to the Energy Web mainnet

2. Add the new network using the following settings



Network Name



Chain ID


Currency Symbol


Block Explorer URL

3. Save the settings and switch to the newly added network 'EWC'

Depending on what network you connected to, and if you have Energy Web tokens or Volta Tokens in your account, you should see your balance.

Video Tutorial

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