Deploy Worker Nodes

The worker node is containerized and can be run on a virtual machine.


  • CPU: 2 vCPUs

  • Memory: 4 GB

  • Disk Space: 100 GB

  • Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Create a Virtual machine

To create a virtual machine in your cloud provider. Ensure the virtual machine matches the minimum requirements listed in the above section.

Deployment Guide

It contains the guide and files required to run the worker image.

Deploying Worker Image to Virtual Machine

Once connected to the VM. Follow the steps to run the container image.

Install docker

sudo snap install docker

Confirm docker and docker-compose are installed

docker -v docker-compose -v

Application setup

Once done, ensure to the .env file contains all environment variables required in the same directory as the docker-compose.yml file.

Finally, run the command

docker-compose up -d

This would bring up all services. You can reach out to the team for further help or check out the Docker Compose cheat sheet for more debugging tips here.

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