Data Exchange Architecture

Data Exchange Context Diagram


Participant Environment

Hosting environment (e.g. public cloud instance, or on-premise server) where participants deploy and operate the DDHub Client Gateway Application.

Participant System:

Participant applications (e.g. DER management system, market operation systems) that send and receive messages on relevant channels (within the shared message broker) via the Client Gateway.

The interface presenting UI, and API for interacting with the Message Broker to send and receive messages. Client gateway repo is available at or on Azure cloud marketplace.

The component that routes messages between Client gateways (using API to control NATS messaging). Authentication and authorization for interacting with the message broker is done via the DID Authorization Proxy. Message broker repositor is available at

SSI Toolkit

Libraries and components that implement identity and access management functionalities. Learn more in the IAM page.


Distributed file storage system used to store and manage identity and role definitions. Learn more at

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