Offer an OCN Service

An OCN Service Provider develops and provides OCN services that can be used by CPOs, eMSPs and other parties to improve their charging services - such as contracting, billing, payment systems etc.

The OCN Service is - similar to any other OCPI role - an OCN Party. We make this distinction from other "Services" that might only require customers to send OCPI messages (including custom OCPI modules) directly.

Offer your OCN Service

To offer your OCN Service via the OCN Service Interface, make sure the following prerequisites are met:

Now you are ready to publish your OCN Service on the OCN Registry.

Set Service Permissions

An OCN Service is an OCPI party that requires additional permissions from their customers. Such permissions could include the forwarding of session or charge detail record data, for example in a payment service.

Once a customer/user has agreed to the Service's permissions, the OCN Node tied to the customer will automate any such required permissions, lessening the cost of integration with a service.

To be granted the aforementioned permissions, you must then list your OCN Service and the permissions required in a separate smart contract, entitled "Permissions". Thereafter, a user can make their agreement explicit in the same smart contract. Learn more on how to list your OCN Service on our OCN Registry Repository.

You can find a full list of currently implemented OCN Permissions here.

Access the full OCN technical documentation here.

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